The Headfudge Effect: Before & After Branding & Logo Designs

Updated: Sep 19, 2018

Ok, so we thought it'd be fun to create a blog sharing with all you lovely readers just how much impact "The Headfudge Effect" can have on your company. And what better way than to show you! So, here are some before and after shots (and we're not talking Weight Watchers!) - of our design work doing what it does best...

Branding & Logo Design: Before & After



Bumpers approached Headfudge initially just for a new website. We designed and built a fantastic new website for them, however, being passionate about branding and logos, we couldn’t avoid questioning their existing, somewhat dated and ineffective logo. Headfudge then produced a clean, modern, memorable and strong identity for Bumpers, whilst playing on the name with the ‘u’ playfully bumping into the ‘m’. This looked so much better with the new style website and had much more impact and appeal to their target audience.


MasterChef 2012 Winner, Shelina Permalloo, approached Headfudge Design following her win on the BBC show, as she was in need of a local graphic design company to work on the branding for her 1st restaurant - Lakaz Maman, Mauritian Street Kitchen. She had a moodboard of images and colours along with ideas for the interior and furnishings for the restaurant, so that painted a nice picture of the vibe she was after. 

She had a rough watercolour logo mocked up which was used on the brief. However, the new branding would need to work well across a vast range of applications, from restaurant signage, menus, staff uniforms, marquees, sauce packaging, stationery, website and even loyalty stamps!

Whilst on MasterChef, she was fondly known as ‘The Mango Queen’ as her love of mango crept into many dishes, and her food was also referred to as 'Sunshine on a plate', due the stunning array of colours. For the new logo, I wanted to portray those two aspects so I actually colour picked the orange-red colour directly from a photo of a mango! I then introduced the rustic sunshine icon, with a subtle weathered effect emulating the weathered texture of Mauritian huts and cafes. The branding has been a huge success and its warm, inviting feel has really made an impact on the atmosphere.


For this rebrand project, we wanted to really fuse and incorporate the different areas i.e health, science & network. They were keen to keep the ‘W’ visible as part of the logo, but where the old logo only leaned towards science, the new identity we produced included all elements. The visually appealing abstract W was created using various shapes: the atoms of the body representing 'Health', nodes representing ‘science’ and connecting blobs for representing ‘network’. Each colour in the palette also represents a company value and the 'friendly & approachable' yellow is 'reaching / breaking out' to continue growing and improving.


These guys have been around a long time and built a great reputation and established name, so they were keen to keep the elements and colours as close as possible to the original design, whilst modernising, refreshing and making the logo stronger, enabling better visibility on their To Let boards. We created a contemporary vector icon for the tree which could then work with the logo or as standalone icon, and combined with a strong, legible font. They wanted a masculine looking logo which is where the upper case letters came in. We then went on to design the website, business cards and clean, white To Let boards – which are all over the forest and have proven very successful.


This was a lovely project to work on, as once the new logo was produced, we went on to implement it across all sorts of media, from tickets and tokens to street banners and souvenir brochures. The old logo was looking dated and old fashioned and with a new wave of younger audience jumping on the craft beer and cider wagon, they needed a modernised and clean logo, which would appeal to the younger and older alike. We decided to loose the overused 'Hampshire Hog' and introduce the more stylish King Alfred statue. The logo also needed to work as white out, mono, embroidered and with potential key colour changes for different years.


Interested in 'The Headfudge Effect'?

Take a look at our design packages on the website for more information, pricing and a detailed PDF listing everything thats included. There are packages to suit varying budgets and a comprehensive 'design questionnaire' available to fill out, to give both parties a clear vision of what you require for your business. Just give us a buzz if you'd like to chat further!

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