The Headfudge Effect: A case study

Do you fancy hearing about 'The Headfudge Effect' straight from the horses mouth?

Ok, so not exactly a horse - but rather the beautiful and immensely talented Shelina Permalloo, MasterChef 2012 Winner! Here's a fantastic case study, showcasing our design journey from creating the 'full monty' branding, print and website design for Shelina's 1st restaurant - Lakaz Maman, Mauritian Street Kitchen, in Southampton – to the thriving and incredibly successful business it has become 2 years on...

A little intro...

MasterChef 2012 Winner, Shelina Permalloo, approached Headfudge Design following her win on the BBC show, as she was in need of a local graphic design company to work on the branding for her 1st restaurant - Lakaz Maman. She had a moodboard of images and colours along with ideas for the interior and furnishings for the restaurant, so that painted a nice picture of the vibe she was after. She had a rough watercolour logo mocked up which was used on the brief. However, the new branding would need to work well across a vast range of applications, from restaurant signage, menus, staff uniforms, marquees, sauce packaging, stationery, website to loyalty stamps!

The Design Process...

In the original brief, Shelina wanted ocean colours of turquoise blues and sea greens for her branding. There was a washed, watercolour style that she liked and a freestyle font was preferred. However, after going through an in-depth design process and exploring several moodboards, using various colours and font styles, testing the logos in various situations, such as signage and packaging mock ups, we decided to move away from the initial visuals and produce a more timeless and clean font which wouldn't date and would work well as both large scale format (such as signage and marquees) and when reduced down small, for things such as business cards, uniforms, sauce labels etc. We then created a weathered texture to the logo, to give it an authentic feel and unique identity.

Mango Queen...

Whilst on MasterChef, Shelina was fondly known as the 'Mango Queen’ as her love of mango crept into many dishes, and her food was also referred to as 'Sunshine on a plate', due the stunning array of colours. For the new logo, I wanted to portray both those two aspects, and had the lightbulb moment of actually colour picking the orange-red colour directly from a photo of a mango! I then incorporated the sunshine icon, with a subtle weathered effect emulating the rustic texture of Mauritian huts and cafes. The branding has been a huge success and its warm, inviting feel has really made an impact on the atmosphere.

"Heather and her team are dedicated to design and have worked tirelessly to always produce excellent design work, always at the last minute! Headfudge always knows the vision I'm looking for with very little direction, and nothing ever seems to be any trouble"

Shelina Permalloo


Branding Galore...

Once the branding was finalised, we then went on to design the website, menus, business cards, restaurant signage, internal wall vinyls, flyers, ads, sauce labels, stickers, marquees, loyalty stamps... you name it, we did it! The Lakaz Maman branding is well and truly consistent and has become a familiar and firm favourite of many, many customers. The whole atmosphere and vibe in the restaurant is incredible, and makes you feel like you could actually be in Mauritus, not down Bedford Place on a rainy day! The colour, design and feel of all the branded items which we have produced plays a massive part in this and is loved by everyone we meet.

Fancy Some Sunshine?

If you haven't already experienced the awesome Lakaz Maman (which, by the way, means 'Mum's House' in Mauritian), then get on down to Bedford Place in Southampton to try some MasterChef Winner quality, beautifully colourful food! We can't recommend them enough - and that's for the food, not just the amazing decor and branding! :)

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