The Face Behind Headfudge Design

Helloooo! Hope you're having a great day? Ok, so I thought it was a good time to introduce myself to you lovely people... after all, as much as the name rocks (if I do say so myself), I don't want to be known just as 'Headfudge'. So, I'm Heather (also known as 'Hev' or 'H' to those familiar!) and I live on the edge of the New Forest, with my 4 year old daughter, Sienna and my beautiful, mischievous Golden Retriever, Bella. I feel very blessed to live in such a stunning part of the UK. I'd rather take a stubborn donkey, enforcing his road rights, over a traffic jam of city cars any day!

A bit of background...

I founded Headfudge Design almost 11 years ago now, back in 2007. After 9 years experience working in the design industry (following a 4 year Graphic Design course at Salisbury College) – and after returning from a life changing backpacking trip to Australia and New Zealand with my best friend – I decided to take a leap of faith and start up a design company of my own. I'm very much a free-spirit and think I was always destined to be my own boss one day!

For the first couple of years I was mostly in-house freelancing to help build an income, working at various design agencies around the south. Word of mouth quickly spread about Headfudge Design and by the end of year two, I was doing a substantial amount of work for Princess Cruises, who went on to be a longterm client for several years. This momentum steadily built and through recommendation, I was soon adding clients such as P&O Cruises, Regent Seven Seas Cruises, Reed & Mackay and several SMB's (small-medium businesses) from around the South and London to the list.

Over 90% of my work comes from word of mouth and I'm so proud to have built such a fantastic reputation and loyal client following.

My surprise gift...

In 2014, I was blessed with the 'surprise gift' of my baby girl. At that point, I was running a very busy and successful design business, with a colossal workload from Hurtigruten UK, Regent, and numerous other clients, along with running a big office in Southampton and managing a handful of contractors helping with overflow. This all had to be reevaluated once my little girl came along and, being a single mum, I had to make some big changes to my working hours and decide how much I could realistically manage, whilst juggling being a new mum but still earning enough to pay the mortgage. Taking a sleeping baby in her carseat to the office each day would only last so long!!

It was naturally the end of an era with my longstanding cruise clients, who's full time requirements were now too unrealistic to maintain, so my client base gradually merged into a more manageable and eclectic mix of start-ups, SMB's and some London corporates.

"Taking a sleeping baby in her car seat to the office each day would only last so long!"

Exciting times ahead and a fusion of passions... Headfudge was approached by the NHS to work on a big branding project – a contact that came from another recommendation and an amazing foot in the door with such a massive client! It was an incredibly successful project and led to the Headfudge name spreading through the NHS like wildfire! I've since produced several branding, print and website design projects for numerous NHS trusts around the UK, such as CRN Wessex, NiHR, West Suffolk Hospital, University Hospital Southampton, Southampton Children's Hospital Charity, Health Education England and others, plus a global brand and website for Wessex International Healthcare Consortia.

Alongside the NHS and existing clients, I recently decided to 'niche out' my offering (following a lightbulb moment with my Business Coach & Mentor, Clare Farthing, whom i'd recently invested in for help refocussing my company). I realised it made perfect sense to focus on working with businesses related to my main passions - the Coast and New Forest – in particular, supporting local SMB's and start-ups. I get a massive buzz from helping to create a strong, memorable and effective brand for their business, product, shop or restaurant. I love being part of the whole journey – first designing the new logo, and then implementing it consistently across the board – from websites, printed material, signage, social media and anything else that needs branding!

'Fast lane to forest' and 'corporate to coast'...

Life's priorities change so much once you have kids. My life has gone from living in the fast lane on the rat race to living, working and slowing the pace in the forest, and from juggling multiple big corporates to the laid back locals by the coast! My main goal now, is to maintain a healthy balance of work and life, whilst working on projects I love, with people I enjoy and with local companies that I can really help succeed.... and then watch their business blossom from 'The Headfudge Effect'!

New Headfudge headquarters...

I'm super excited to have recently moved into amazing new offices in a beautiful converted barn at Wade Park Farm, Ower (near Romsey). I have stunning views over the forest, a great creative space, Bella my studio dog faithfully by my side, and a brilliant friendly bunch of people in the neighbouring businesses. The creative juices are flowing freely... its such an awesome place to work and a wonderful setting for clients to come and visit. Come and drop by for a cuppa!

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